Medical Translation Service Ltd. specialize in delivering highly reliable pharmaceutical, medical science, and medical device translations with quality, speed, and accuracy.

Pharmaceutical Translation, Medical Device Translation, Translation of All Fields of Medical Science,
Offices in Osaka and Tokyo

Medical Translation Service, Ltd.
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Company Philosophy
Our Mission
Working to be an MTS that is respected by all those involved with us.
What drives us
Building solid relationships with all persons involved.
Thinking and acting from the perspective of others.
Keeping good manners close at heart.
Always remembering the spirit of gratitude.
Our vision
Aiming to be unparalleled at medical translation, we strive be a company that contributes to society through the betterment of the medical industry.
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Osaka Office:TEL +81-6-6398-0571, Tokyo Office:TEL +81-3-5276-7230
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