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Always keeping an open mind and the spirit of gratitude close at heart (President and Representative Director : Yoshinori Nakano)

When I first began my career in the translation industry about 25 years ago, English-Japanese translations were still hand-written on paper and Japanese-English translations were type-written on tracing paper. Soon, the first word processors appeared and later on, word processing software became the norm, eventually leading to the easy-to-use technological work environment we have today. However, even in this age of easy-to-use technology, there is still something which has remained unchanged - the art of translation.

While there may be a plethora of software tools which can aid the translation process, translation would be impossible unless it was ultimately entrusted to the eyes and minds of humans. To put it another way, the field of translation is one of limited productivity.

I believe this is why, in spite of all the technological advances in information technology up to the present, companies like ours are still needed. It is unlikely there will be any changes in this respect in the near future.

My joy of seeing customer satisfaction through translation remains the same now as in the past.

Thinking not of superficial profits and gains, it is our intention to fulfil our duty and help bring together different countries and peoples through medical translation, always keeping an open mind and the spirit of gratitude close at heart.

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