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Frequently Asked Questions
About our services
Question I have a document that I want translated. How do I make an order for translation with you?

If the source document is in digital format, such as a Microsoft Word or PDF file, you can attach it to an e-mail and send it to us. For larger files that cannot be attached to e-mails, please contact us for further assistance.

After we have checked the details of the source document, we will get back to you with a quotation of the cost and delivery date.

After confirming these details with you we will get started on the translation.

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Question How long does it take until the deliverable is ready?

We can generally translate 2 to 3 pages of A4 a day. For English to Japanese translations, this equals roughly 800 words a day, and for Japanese to English translations, roughly 2,400 characters a day.

However the actual length of time depends on the content of the translation and the time of year. We would be happy to try our best to accommodate any desired delivery date you may have, so please let us know the details of your project.

Question What formats do you make deliverables in?

Normally, we send the deliverable as a Microsoft Word file via e-mail.

We can also accommodate software file formats other than Word, such as Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. Please let us know what file format suits you.

Question Can you change the layout of files for me?

We add a separate surcharge for editing, however we deliver files in a way that is easy-to-read, even without specific instructions.

We can also make the deliverable directly in the provided source file/template by overwriting it.

Question How do you calculate your costs?

We calculate our costs based on the number of characters after translation (when the target language is Japanese), or the number of words after translation (when the target language is a language other than Japanese).

Because of this, while the estimated cost and the actual cost may vary, the final cost will never exceed the estimate (no matter how many characters/words more than expected the final translation is, the final cost will be calculated with the estimate as the absolute maximum cost).

For more details, please contact our sales representative.

Question If I want to make an urgent translation order, will I be charged an extra cost?

We are happy to try our best to accommodate any urgent orders and in principle, we do not add any extra costs.

Question Can I cancel an order I made? Will this still cost?

For translations which are already underway, translation will be stopped at the time of cancellation. However, you will be charged the cost of work completed so far. For translations which have not yet commenced, you will not be charged.

Question How do I make payments to you?

When the final deliverable has been delivered to you, we will send you a receipt. Please make the payment to the bank account number listed on the receipt.

We accept payments either when a transaction is completed, or as a monthly payment of transactions completed in that month.

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